XPlosion Thanks Home Run Sponsor: Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning!

The Vermont Xplosion is thrilled to announce that Hickok and Boardman Financial Planning has become a Home Run Sponsor!

Sponsor donations will help with all aspects of operating our softball team,
including equipment, supplies, tournament fees, facility fees, and uniforms. We also hope to add a scholarship program so that we can reach players who might not be able
to afford to play travel without some financial assistance. A $500 donation will cover the fees for one girl to play a season of Xplosion. In the near future, we hope that all players who are interested in and qualified to play with our team will be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation.

Thank you to Hickok and Boardman for helping us to work towards our goals to develop outstanding softball players and team members in the state of Vermont!

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